View descriptions and sample calculations for our Principal Protected and Option-Based Non-Principal Protected Notes in the below Generic Product Summaries.

Minimum Return Enhanced Yield EN
Principal Protection - Capped Upside Performance EN
Accelerator EN
Autocallable Contingent Coupon Barrier Notes EN
Autocallable Contingent Coupon Barrier Notes (Lesser Performing) EN
Barrier Protection EN
Bear TripleUp EN
Booster EN FR
Buffered Accelerator EN
Buffered Booster EN
Buffered Protection EN FR
Buffered Protection Uncapped EN
Callable Yield EN CHINESE
Capped Booster EN
Capped Double Up EN
Double-Up EN FR
Fixed Yield - Monthly coupons EN
Fixed Yield - Quarterly Coupons EN
Fixed Yield - RoC EN
In the Money Buffered Booster EN
TripleUp EN FR
TripleUp - 30% cap EN